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Local history

What was the World’s Largest Living Christmas Tree? You asked!

What was that pizza place in Wrightsville Beach in the 1960s? You asked!

What is the United National Supreme Council? You asked!

Was the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge purchased from another state? You asked!

Who was the first band to play live on Wilmington radio? You asked!

What happened to the yacht docked across from downtown on the river? You asked!

Did Wilmington turn down a Carnegie library? You asked!

Does anyone have photos of the Wilmington-built S.S. Sapona? You asked!

How many local service members died in World War I and World War II? You asked!

Do you have any info on the home at the north end of Lea-Hutaff Island? You asked!

Why did the weather service reuse the name Bertha? We’ve already had a Bertha. You asked!

What were the five worst hurricanes to hit Southeastern North Carolina? You asked!

Are there any plans to fly Korean War veterans to Washington to visit the Korean War Memorial? You asked!

What is the story behind the small graveyard on Doral Lane in Hampstead? You asked!

Who were the guys who dressed in turbans and robes and read Bible passages on a cable channel? You asked!

Who was the man known as ‘Dropstitch’? You asked!

What’s the history behind the huge concrete World War II target at the southern end of Fort Fisher? You asked!

What is the origin of the two bronze lanterns in front of the Cotton Exchange? You asked!

Have historical markers in Belville been moved? You asked!

Whatever happened to the British couple whose sailboat was beached at Oak Island in 2013? You asked!

Do you have any information on two Hamsptead girls killed in a fire in the 1940s? You asked!

Was there ever any jail in the 800 block of Nun Street where the sports fields are? You asked!

How long did artist Rowan LeCompte live in Wilmington? You asked!

How many N.C. Azalea Festival queens were black? You asked!

Have there been any cults in the Cape Fear region?

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