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Why was a lane of new pavement on Shipyard Boulevard laid, then taken up again? You asked!

Who is responsible for cutting the grass on U.S. 421 in Pender County? You asked!

Can you find out and report on the status of Lincoln Forest storm drainage? You asked!

What’s that black shiny stuff on the U.S. 17-74-76 causeway pavement? You asked!

Are traffic lights at Lake and Wrightsville avenues and S. College broken? You asked!

What construction is occurring on Market Street at Porters Neck? You asked!

When did the LORAN towers come down and how long did the job take? You asked!

Why do traffic patterns at intersections change throughout the day? You asked!

Now that College Road has been resurfaced, will the pedestrian lights at Kerr Avenue be activated? You asked!

Did the city purchase two new radar/speed display units specifically for the Long Leaf Hills neighborhood? You asked!

Who is responsible for parking enforcement on Tiburon Drive?

How does New Hanover County tax rates compare to other NC counties? You asked!

Why do homeowners who live in Willoughby Park have to pay city vehicle tax when they don’t live in city limits? You asked!

Do they keep the rain gauge at Wilmington airport under an umbrella? You asked!

How far out over the water can individuals build their docks? You asked!

What’s going on with work on South Cardinal Drive? You asked!

DOT was supposed to close Covil Farm Road on July 28. What happened? You asked!

What are the green disks on utility poles? You asked!

Why did the weather service reuse the name Bertha? We’ve already had a Bertha. You asked!

What is the average number of passengers in a Wave bus during a week? You asked!

Who is responsible for maintaining parking lots in post offices? You asked!

Is it legal to re-distill alcohol you’ve already paid taxes on? You asked!

Why is only half of Cumbee Road in Brunswick County paved? You asked!

What were those booms on Park Avenue the morning of April 13? You asked!

Will ILM officials look into direct flights to Bermuda that were in the works before the recession? You asked!

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