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Does school board member Tammy Covil work for a nonprofit? You asked!

Can I get email alerts when there’s an accident between Wilmington and Leland? You asked!

Will DOT add a sound barrier for neighborhoods near I-140? You asked!

Where on U.S. 17 is the line between the Lumber and Cape Fear river basins? You asked!

Where is the best pedestrian crosswalk for crossing Oleander Drive near Hugh MacRae Park? You asked!

Why is newly repaved N.C. 53 near Burgaw so rough? You asked!

Are there plans to do any of the Market Street road work in Ogden/Porters Neck at night? You asked!

What percentage of North Carolina hospitals are nonprofit? You asked!

Is it legal for a 13-year-old to open a hot dog stand for profit that is open to the public? You asked!

Where do they keep a rain gauge at an airport or weather station? You asked!

Why is a fire hydrant spewing water daily on Control Tower Road? You asked!

Will someone provide parking for Cross-City Trail users near Eastwood and Rogersville roads? You asked!

Are New Hanover County employees taking showers on the county dime? You asked!

What health permits do I need to sell Italian ice? You asked!

How can a resident request a sidewalk on their street inside city limits? You asked!

I am an out-of-stater. Can I hunt in North Carolina with a handgun? You asked!

How come the city of Wilmington does not have an employee appreciation day? You asked!

Do ‘No Through Trucks’ signs on city streets apply to tree trucks? You asked!

Does Duke Energy have plans to replace the Brunswick Nuclear Plant? You asked!

What’s up with missing road signs, campaign signs affixed to DOT posts? You asked!

How can we get ‘no dumping allowed’ signs in our area? You asked!

Can someone ordained online from the Universal Life Church Monastery legally perform a wedding? You asked!

Where can I get copy of the election ballot as I will see it when voting on Nov. 4? You asked!

How far from intersections must campaign signs be? You asked!

Was the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge purchased from another state? You asked!

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