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What is the salary of the North Carolina ABC Board’s chairman?

Why do street sweepers sweep the center of the road instead of the edges? You asked!

If a business does not allow concealed weapons, does the owner have to ask someone carrying a concealed weapon to leave before calling law enforcement? You asked!

Who is responsible for maintaining sidewalks and grass along Third Street? Who should I complain to if I feel it isn’t being maintained? You asked!

For such a small town, why does Southport have such a large fire station and ladder trucks? You asked!

Is Wilmington a sanctuary city for illegal aliens? You asked!

Are electric golf carts allowed on the Wilmington Riverwalk? You asked!

Do any North Carolina laws restrict or deny the right to interracial marriage? You asked!

Does Oak Island plan to replace sand on the beachfront once turtle nesting ends? You asked!

Can I have unregistered vehicle in my backyard? Can I work on my car in my backyard? You asked!

Can restaurants in rural areas cook on an outside grill, then bring that food into a restaurant to sell? You asked!

I often see State Ports vehicles pulling over drivers at Burnett Boulevard and Third Street lately when I never did before. Why? You asked!

Could you explain Eagle Point Golf Course’s property tax assessment? You asked!

Why do so many roads in Brunswick County include ordinal directions in their name? You asked!

What is going on with all the heavy equipment across from the state ports below the battleship? You asked!

How much did N.C. DOT and New Hanover County spend on the Wells Fargo Championship? You asked!

Was the land behind the gate on Saucier Way off Station Road intended to be a neighborhood? You asked!

How many Superfund sites and Brownfields are in New Hanover, Pender and Brunswick counties? You asked!

How do I register a utility trailer in North Carolina? You asked!

Is it legal to have an open flame candle or oil lamp burning in public places such as restaurants? Is this enforced? You asked!

Is there a map of contaminated, or “brownfield,” sites along the Cape Fear River in the city limits? You asked!

How can I find out how much local property is worth? You asked!

Are permits required to shoot professional fireworks in New Hanover County? Why are certain permits granted? You asked!

What is the status of the plans for the Smith Creek Greenway? You asked!

Can local politicians accept free tickets to the Wells Fargo Golf Tournament? Do they have to publicly disclose such gifts? You asked!

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