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What is the average number of passengers in a Wave bus during a week? You asked!

Who is responsible for maintaining parking lots in post offices? You asked!

Is it legal to re-distill alcohol you’ve already paid taxes on? You asked!

Why is only half of Cumbee Road in Brunswick County paved? You asked!

What were those booms on Park Avenue the morning of April 13? You asked!

Will ILM officials look into direct flights to Bermuda that were in the works before the recession? You asked!

What happened to the sign on I-40 telling how far Barstow, Calif., is from Wilmington? You asked!

What laws would prevent someone from buying a gun in New Hanover County? You asked!

Why do people think they have the right-of-way turning left onto Oleander? You asked!

Why do some left-turn arrows at intersections only work sporadically? You asked!

At what age can a child sit in the front seat of an automobile? You asked!

What’s the status on the planned kayak launch at Smith Creek? You asked!

Does DOT plan to resurface I-40 between Wallace and Wilmington? If so, when? You asked!

Is the clear-cutting around Mount Misery and Old Cedar Hill related to I-140?

Is a permit needed to keep snakes as pets in your house? You asked!

Are there any plans to fly Korean War veterans to Washington to visit the Korean War Memorial? You asked!

Is it against health codes for employees to bring their own food to the restaurant where they work? You asked!

Will DOT post a sign on Gordon Road warning of the Harris Road intersection? You asked!

Does the Kerr Avenue widening project include building a new interchange at MLK? You asked!

Did the contractors who painted the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge pay a fine for not completing the project on time? You asked!

How do officers know you’ve paid your parking fee by phone, when it doesn’t show on the meter? You asked!

Where is downtown Belville, and where are the liquor stores? You asked!

What number do you call to get Wilmington Police to come to an accident site? You asked!

When will Benjamin Avenue, a dirt street inside city limits, be paved? You asked!

How do JROTC cadets earn medals? You asked!

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