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What’s up with missing road signs, campaign signs affixed to DOT posts? You asked!

How can we get ‘no dumping allowed’ signs in our area? You asked!

Can someone ordained online from the Universal Life Church Monastery legally perform a wedding? You asked!

Where can I get copy of the election ballot as I will see it when voting on Nov. 4? You asked!

How far from intersections must campaign signs be? You asked!

Was the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge purchased from another state? You asked!

What’s the status on the planned kayak launch at Smith Creek? You asked!

Are they going to add reflectors to the repaved section of North College Road? You asked!

Why is the city parking lot at the Community Arts Center fenced off and closed? You asked!

Why were the support columns where I-140 crosses 74-76 not encased in concrete?

Why is the recently repaved stretch of U.S. 117 between GE and Castle Hayne so rough? You asked!

Does a restaurant have to provide food service as long as it has customers at its bar? You asked!

What happened Brunswick Forest’s plans to build a beach club in Oak Island? You asked!

Why doesn’t the left-turn lane from College to Waltmoor have a flashing yellow signal? You asked!

Why raise manhole covers after roads are repaved, instead of before? You asked!

If there are 2 right-turn lanes, can you take a right on red from both? You asked!

Will a second merge lane be added from U.S. 421 to the causeway? You asked!

Were locks and dams left open during hurricanes Fran or Floyd, causing damage downstream? You asked!

When will the Waltmoor Road section of the Cross City Trail be completed? You asked!

When will I-140 south of U.S. 74-76 be completed to U.S. 17? You asked!

Did Wilmington turn down a Carnegie library? You asked!

Can I pull two trailers at the same time? You asked!

Do North Carolina home-schooled students receive any state/county funding? You asked!

Why was a lane of new pavement on Shipyard Boulevard laid, then taken up again? You asked!

Who is responsible for cutting the grass on U.S. 421 in Pender County? You asked!

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