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How can I find out how much local property is worth? You asked!

Are permits required to shoot professional fireworks in New Hanover County? Why are certain permits granted? You asked!

What is the status of the plans for the Smith Creek Greenway? You asked!

Can local politicians accept free tickets to the Wells Fargo Golf Tournament? Do they have to publicly disclose such gifts? You asked!

What’s the progress on the 2014 Transportation Bond projects? You asked!

When is construction expected to be done on Waterfront Park and when might it be open? You asked!

I want to put a camper on my daughter’s New Hanover County property to live in temporarily. What are the laws? Do we need a permit? You asked!

Why did they demolish the EMS station on Military Cutoff Road at the intersection with Gordon Road? You asked!

Was Richard Brown elected or appointed as a judge? You asked!

Do walkers have the right-of-way when fishermen’s lines cross the surf? You asked!

How many unrelated individuals may live in a rental house? You asked!

Is Pender County still picking up debris along the roads from Hurricane Matthew? You asked!

Does the party I’m registered with have anything to do with the number of N.C. electoral votes? What is the deadline to change my party affiliation? You asked!

Why does the Carolina Beach Fire Department allow employees to drive their department vehicles home? Does the employee pay for any expense? You asked!

Can homeowners at Wrightsville Beach rent parking on their property during beach season? You asked!

Are federal retirees exempt from North Carolina state income tax? You asked!

What is the status of outstanding bonds approved by voters in New Hanover County? You asked!

What happens if New Hanover County finds out about the shed I built in my backyard without a permit? You asked!

Who are the members of the Electoral College in North Carolina for 2016? You asked!

Who owns the Cape Fear Regional Jetport in Brunswick County? You asked!

Why is it legal in North Carolina to have headlights so bright they blind other drivers? You asked!

Where can I dispose of used medical supplies for recycling? You asked!

Does garbage get sorted for recyclables at the landfill? You asked!

How can I get a sticker that allows me to use the trash disposal site in Surf City? You asked!

In North Carolina what is the most a gas station can charge over cost for a gallon of gas? You asked!

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