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Who owns the downtown lots that hit motorists with parking tickets? You asked!

Can you legally shoot crows year-round in New Hanover County without a license? You asked!

Are employers required to disclose employee health insurance costs, even if the employer pays 100%? You asked!

What offices are in the Alton Lennon Federal Building on the river? You asked!

Why do N.C. driver licenses for immigrants expire on the same date as their green cards? You asked!

Are there plans to build a pedestrian crosswalk over Carolina Beach Road near Walmart? You asked!

When will the utility work on Greenville Loop Road be completed? You asked!

What is the church going up on N.C. 133 in Rocky Point? You asked!

Is it legal to use a fire pits for warmth on a deck in the city of Wilmington? You asked!

Is there a way to check if I was issued a red light camera citation if I never received the citation in the mail? You asked!

Can an expired drivers license be used as a valid form of identification in North Carolina? You asked!

In Wilmington, how can I find out who maintains my street, how it’s zoned, and nearby walking trails? You asked!

What is the radio transmitter installed on a pole at South Third and Nun streets? You asked!

Do New Hanover County leash laws apply to service dogs when just being walked by the owner? You asked!

Is a Habitat for Humanity ReStore opening in Leland? You asked!

Why isn’t there a street named for Sonny Jurgensen or Roman Gabriel? You asked!

There is a parcel on Greenville Loop Road with travel trailers set up as residences. Is this allowed under city zoning? You asked!

Are designations such as NW and SW part of the official post office address? You asked!

What happened to the castle at Empie Park? You asked!

Are there plans to revamp the intersection of River Road and Sanders Road? You asked!

Does the New Hanover County school system have a policy on required vaccinations? You asked!

Are there any plans for widening and or repaving Greenville Loop Road? You asked!

Did EUE Screen Gems receive any sort of government incentive when it set up shop in Wilmington? You asked!

What happens to the wood chips at the New Hanover County landfill? You asked!

Why does Thom Goolsby still have an official N.C. Senate license plate on his car? You asked!

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