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Where can I dispose of used medical supplies for recycling? You asked!

Does garbage get sorted for recyclables at the landfill? You asked!

How can I get a sticker that allows me to use the trash disposal site in Surf City? You asked!

In North Carolina what is the most a gas station can charge over cost for a gallon of gas? You asked!

Who is responsible for cleaning up tree limbs blocking a drainage ditch? You asked!

Does New Hanover County have a patrol that removes lawn signs posted by organizations advertising functions? You asked!

Who owns the voting machines? You asked!

Can I obtain a copy of my personal ballot selections from an election? You asked!

What is the process for removing dead people from the election rolls to prevent fraud? You asked!

Does revealing that an individual was given Narcan injections violate HIPAA laws? You asked!

Does the ABC board require members of a private club that serves alcohol to sign in? You asked!

Can North Carolina’s Electoral College votes be divided between candidates? You asked!

Are there plans for sewer lines on NC 904 between Georgetown Road and NC 179, namely for SeaVillage development? You asked!

Where can I find answers to specific questions about what can and can’t be recycled? You asked!

Who is on the Oak Island Planning Commission and which are in real estate? You asked!

How many deaths occurred in Brunswick, New Hanover and Pender counties in 2014? You asked!

Can you spread ashes at Hugh McRae Park? You asked!

Does Pender County require a permit to own a miniature pig or backyard chickens?

How do you report violations to Wilmington city codes? You asked!

Do you have any info on the ship that could be seen off Wrightsville Beach in June? You asked!

Does New Hanover County require a permit to own a miniature pig as a domestic pet? You asked!

What do I have to do legally to keep anyone from carrying a concealed or open firearm on my private property? You asked!

Why does my iPhone call it Murraysville? Everyone around here calls it Murrayville. You asked!

Why is Northgate Drive in Leland closed? You asked!

Who is responsible for maintaining residential storm water swales in Leland? You asked!

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