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Did EUE Screen Gems receive any sort of government incentive when it set up shop in Wilmington?

What happens to the wood chips at the New Hanover County landfill? You asked!

Why does Thom Goolsby still have an official N.C. Senate license plate on his car? You asked!

Who is paying for the repair work being done to the Cobb Judicial Annex? You asked!

What’s the latest on a completion date for Waltmoor Road work? You asked!

Will the Military Cutoff extension project include noise barriers? You asked!

Will new signs ease the confusion at I-140 and U.S. 74-76? You asked!

What is the green PVC pipe being buried between Porters Neck and Hampstead? You asked!

What is meant by the U.S. 17 expansion from Wilmington to Jacksonville? You asked!

Will there be a chance for public input before the city choose a Water Street developer? You asked!

Why are panhandlers allowed to walk the medians at College Road and Oleander Drive? You asked!

With the construction on the Leland causesway, why are streetlights not working? You asked!

Will the Hampstead bypass be part of the U.S. 17 expansion? You asked!

Are we celebrating Law Enforcement Appreciation Day on Jan. 9? You asked!

Should the timing of the traffic signal at College and Oleander be adjusted? You asked!

How can I recycle my Christmas tree? You asked!

Why does the Wade Park section of the Cross-City Trail use sidewalks? You asked!

What are those blue reflectors in the road? You asked!

Why isn’t there an arrow for Oriole Drive traffic turning left on Racine Drive? You asked!

What are the green disks on utility poles? You asked!

Does school board member Tammy Covil work for a nonprofit? You asked!

Can I get email alerts when there’s an accident between Wilmington and Leland? You asked!

Will DOT add a sound barrier for neighborhoods near I-140? You asked!

Where on U.S. 17 is the line between the Lumber and Cape Fear river basins? You asked!

Where is the best pedestrian crosswalk for crossing Oleander Drive near Hugh MacRae Park? You asked!

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