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What’s up with the terrible odor from Bradley Creek pump station? You asked!

Why is the Riverwalk blocked behind the J.W. Brooks building? You asked!

What is being renovated next to Sub Stop on Carolina Beach Road? You asked!

Can a Pender resident avoid paying to use the county’s trash drop-off sites? You asked!

Do Wrightsville Beach police officers and police staff use personal cellphones? You asked!

Does CFPUA plan to add service to Bayshore? How could we get CFPUA to consider that? You asked!

Why did CFPUA tear up Clear Run Drive when Cardinal Drive was impassable at times? You asked!

Why did they survey one side of Middle Sound Loop Road? You asked!

How close to the road can car dealerships put their inventory? You asked!

Who is Wilmington’s tax collector, and what are the qualifications? You asked!

Why can’t New Hanover school workers use the hospital’s fitness center? You asked!

Will the ‘Pedestrian Only’ signs be put back on the Hugh MacRae Park trail? You asked!

How do I get rid of an old couch if I live in New Hanover County? You asked!

Why hasn’t the speed limit on U.S. 421 near the Memorial Bridge been reduced? You asked!

Who OK’d the ‘No Texting’ signs in front of elementary schools? You asked!

Why is there no paper recycling bin at the downtown post office? You asked!

Do they recycle the concrete when a shopping center is torn down? You asked!

Are service dogs required to be leashed in Brunswick County? You asked!

What does ‘bird sanctuary’ on the Leland town limit sign mean? You asked!

What is a ‘service dog’? Can they be used by non-handicapped people? You asked!

How much does Wilmington pay the county for 911 services? You asked!

Am I allowed to raise honeybees in Brunswick County near Sunset Beach? You asked!

Who owns the downtown lots that hit motorists with parking tickets? You asked!

Can you legally shoot crows year-round in New Hanover County without a license? You asked!

Are employers required to disclose employee health insurance costs, even if the employer pays 100%? You asked!

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