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How many NHC elementary schools feed into more than one middle school? You asked!

How does one reach the life saver aboard CFCC’s research vessel? You asked!

Do North Carolina home-schooled students receive any state/county funding? You asked!

Is there an itemized list of how Brunswick schools spends its budget? You asked!

What books besides ‘The Color Purple’ are on Brunswick’s high school reading list? You asked!

Are there any plans to change New Hanover County middle school districts? You asked!

How many New Hanover County Schools students applied for ‘open choice’ high school? You asked!

How do JROTC cadets earn medals? You asked!

Why isn’t the student honor roll posted on New Hanover County Schools’ website any longer? You asked!

What is Brunswick County Schools’ budget, and how much of that goes to charter schools? You asked!

Do local schools have a Lego program? Why don’t lottery funds pay for such programs? You asked!

How much was spent locally on lottery tickets, and how much did our schools receive? You asked!

Roland-Grise Middle School’s gym is named for Coach Wadsworth. When will the plaque be replaced? You asked!

What is the New Hanover County schools policy on athletes switching schools? You asked!

Can you tell me the history behind Trask Middle School in Wilmington? You asked!

When will North Carolina allow public online schools for grades K-12? Will the county pay? You asked!

How many states and foreign nations are represented by students at UNCW? You asked!

Could you give a brief history of the original Bradley Creek Elementary School? You asked!

Can a teacher require extra credit before students can earn an A? You asked!

How much money in impact fees for schools has New Hanover County collected from developers? You asked!

With no credentialing board, how can teachers be held accountable? You asked!

Have New Hanover test scores fallen since the state mandated schools start Aug. 25 or later? You asked!

Can you pay to go to New Hanover County public schools if you live out of the county? You asked!

Why do CFCC cosmetology students have to pay up front? You asked!

Does UNCW plan to remove the Cinema 6 sign from its property on Oleander Drive? You asked!

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