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Cast Iron Kitchen was scheduled to open in April by the Walmart near Porters Neck Road. What’s the latest? You asked!

What is being built on Market Street next to the McDonalds in Bayshore Commons (near the new Walmart)? You asked!

Where can packing materials like styrofoam blocks, peanuts, air-filled plastic, bubble wrap, padded envelopes, etc., be recycled or donated? You asked!

What’s the name of that big yacht that’s anchored at the new marina north of the convention center?

What is AAIPharma?

If you operate a hot dog cart in different North Carolina counties, do you need a permit from each? You asked!

What are they doing at the old DDT Outlet in Odgen? You asked!

Why is no sanitation rating posted at Great American Cookies at Independence Mall?

What can you tell me about the solar farm north of New Hanover County and visible from Interstate 40? You asked!

Why are gas prices different north and south of Oleander Drive? You asked!

What is the status of the Century Mills property on Greenfield street? You asked!

Will the new Stone Cinemas on 17th Street feature a large format auditorium similar to IMAX that Regal Cinemas offers at Mayfair? You asked!

What is the starting salary for a Wave Transit bus operator? You asked!

What are they building at 13th and Greenfield streets? You asked!

How do I contact the Village at Greenfield and what are the income requirements to rent an apartment? You asked!

Why is the Smithfields on South 17th Street being torn down? You asked!

When and how did Pleasure Island get its name? You asked!

Can a person who has consumed alcohol go behind the bar where the alcohol is located in North Carolina?

When will AT&T fix the phone service problems at N.C. 53 and Malpass Corner Road in Burgaw? You asked!

What is being built on the former TD bank site on Market Street in Odgen? You asked!

Are businesses required to display a street address number that is visible from the road?

Where is WILM’s new TV tower? You asked!

Where can I play pinball in Wilmington? You asked!

What’s the story behind the archaeological dig at RiverLights? You asked!

Is there a place in Wilmington or nearby that I can recycle cooking grease? You asked!

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