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What is going on with the fish camp in Ogden? It has been vacant for years. You asked!

What is coming to Village Road in Leland at the old Duke’s BBQ building? You asked!

Who is responsible for the rusted container drums near the port, the ones visible from River Road? Can the owner be compelled to improve their appearance or remove them? You asked!

In 1987 I won one share of First Union Corp. common stock in a local tennis tournament. How can I redeem this stock? You asked!

Is Cook-Out opening a Market Street location in Ogden? You asked!

What is the small building being built at one of the entrances to the new Publix shopping complex in Ogden? You asked!

What business will be in the new drive-through at 3301 Masonboro Loop? You asked!

What is being done about the September coal ash spill from the Capital Power plant in Southport? You asked!

Are they still going to build retail and homes on the Trask land near Scotts Hill? You asked!

Does the Boathouse Restaurant have new owners? Prices have increased. You asked!

A radio show mentioned a Tobacco Barn restaurant in Wilmington around 1977, but I had never heard of it. Any details? You asked!

Why have they cleared the land across from the main entrance of Northchase? You asked!

What is being built at 11th and Market streets, the old Rippy Cadillac property? You asked!

What are they building in the Harris Teeter/Walmart area of Leland? You asked!

What happened to plans for a Steak ‘n Shake restaurant on Market Street? You asked!

Does Hardees plan on bringing back a Market Street location since both their restaurants have closed because of future road improvements? You asked!

What is being built behind the Lowe’s Home Improvement in Porter’s Neck? You asked!

What is being developed past the Indian Creek community on Mount Misery Road? You asked!

Which businesses will occupy the shops next to the Publix off Middle Sound Loop Road? You asked!

How many homes have been built in Brunswick Forest? How many will there be when the development is complete? You asked!

How can I dispose of old lawn tractors, not in working condition? You asked!

What are the plans for the Wilmington mobile home parks being cleared out? You asked!

Why has construction stopped on the new Denny’s Restaurant in Ogden? You asked!

Where are the meat markets and butchers around Wilmington besides in grocery stores? You asked!

What are they building next to Summerlin Trace? You asked!

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