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The Fifth Avenue bridge was named after Thelma Bull. Who was she?

Gail Calloway

On Nov. 3, 2005, the city council renamed three bridges in the downtown area. The North Fifth Avenue bridge was named after Thelma L. Bull.

Mrs. Bull, Jan. 15 1922 – Dec. 29 2002, was a long time Northside resident who was a dedicated civic activist. Some of her accomplishments included being a judge in Precinct 1 for several decades, a life member of the NAACP, member of Democratic Women of New Hanover County, executive board member with the Wilmington Transit Authority, and New Hanover County Community Health Center.

She managed the Senior Citizens Nutrition Site at Warner Temple AME Zion Church, served as a Queen of Royal Degree, Chamber No. 9, and was a Leader of Rising Star Tent No. 722 of the United Order of Tents.

In addition to her public activism she raised four children.


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