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Why have the channel listings in the TV book in the Sunday StarNews changed?

The StarNews’ contract with TVTimes ended and the new TV book publisher combines listings for other areas while including the Wilmington area’s primary listings. Concerns can be addressed to Circulation/Production Director Donnell Giles at donnell.giles@starnewsonline.com.

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Kay Smith

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One Response to “ Why have the channel listings in the TV book in the Sunday StarNews changed?”

  1. On July 22, 2017 at 9:54 am Henry wrote:

    Why is the Star News new TV guide the same as published in the Sun News in Myrtle Beach? This edition is published for the Myrtle Beach TV market and lists only the channels that can be received over the air in Myrtle Beach. That includes a few channels from Wilmington, a few channels from Charleston, SC and all the local channels in the Florence/Myrtle Beach market which this book is published for. So this means our new book is of little use for Wilmington viewers now. This edition needs the Wilmington market TV channels not those of Myrtle Beach and Charleston which are not available over the air here. Some of the Myrtle Beach channels reach southern Brunswick county but most subscribers there rely on the Sun News and not the Star. Although the new book looks nice and has some great info, the listings should reflect the market you serve and not those in SC which are too far away. The secondary channel lineups are gone too like Grit, MeTV, Bounce and others that are listed in the daily paper as well as WILM TV which is a Wilmington station. I really used the old book but now I have to use the daily listings again for info. This was not a well thought out change unless the publisher can put our NC local listings in rather than those of SC. I am not happy with the current book.

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