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Who are the Electoral College members for North Carolina?

Tim Buckland

Q. (1) Is the electoral college made up of the same people who are called delegates at a caucus?

(2) Who are the electoral college for NC? Who are the delegates for NC? Are their names made public?

(3) How are they chosen?

A. Let’s see if we can clear up some of this.

1) Maybe. Electoral College members are, according to the Electoral College, “often chosen to recognize service and dedication to their political party. They may be State-elected officials, party leaders, or persons who have a personal or political affiliation with the Presidential candidate.”

A few people can’t be members, including members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, and those who have engaged in insurrection or rebellion.

So people assigned as delegates at party caucuses or conventions can become Electoral College members. But only some of them. The parties had 175 delegates total for the Republican and Democratic primary elections, but the state’s Electoral College allocation is just 15.

2) Hey! That’s three questions! So I’ll break them down:

2.a.) They haven’t been named yet (see the answer to question 3).

2.b.) I think this is the same question, so see the answer the 2.a.

2.c.) Yes, before and after voters have chosen them — see answer 3 for a better explanation. For a list of 2012’s Electoral College members, you can visit http://www.archives.gov/federal-register/electoral-college/

3) Here’s the real meat-and-potatoes. And I wish the answer was really easy.

Essentially, voters pick them when we pick the presidential candidate and their political party.

Before that, though, potential Electoral College members have already been picked by the state parties at conventions, which are in May for the Republicans and in June for Democrats. Other parties, including the Libertarian Party, often also nominate slates.

After that, the names are made available at the N.C. Secretary of State’s website: www.secretary.state.nc.us


Can North Carolina’s Electoral College votes be divided between candidates?

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2 Responses to “ Who are the Electoral College members for North Carolina?”

  1. On December 13, 2016 at 10:03 am bette katzman wrote:

    I am requesting that the members of the Electoral College hold their votes, or change their votes, to a candidate other then Donald Trump. He is in clear violation of many of the reasons that the constitution, written by our founding fathers, added the Electoral college. Most egregiously, his ties to Russia, verified by the top government agencies, his disdain of the agencies designed to protect us from just such a scenario, his cabinet appointments, many with strong ties to Russia. and his refusal to divest himself from his businesses, which represent a conflict of interest unthinkable to any one who values our countries ability to be free from interference by foreign governments.
    Please let your consciences be your guide. Demand a full investigation into Russias’ role in the election, demand a clear and thorough investigation into all of Trumps business holdings, a clear look at a president has no regard for protocol. to the degree that he can destabilize our standing in the world, causing chaos and danger. And finally question his fitness to lead and to be the steady hand at the helm rather then a loose cannon ready to get us involved in conflicts world wide with dire consequences.

  2. On December 14, 2016 at 11:48 am David Holland wrote:

    Please demonstrate the courage of conscious in this election and do not cast your electoral college votes for Donald Trump. At every point since the election Mr. Trump has demonstrated that he lacks the ethic, intelligence and diligence to execute the office of President. He is deeply in debt to the Russians and is clearly compromised. He has clearly demonstrated that he cannot divest himself of his business interest nor can he concentrate his attention on matters of national interest. Abstain from voting and send this election to the House of Representative for resolution, please.

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