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Am I allowed to raise honeybees in Brunswick County near Sunset Beach?

An urban beekeeper works in in Gainesville, Fla. Halifax Media photo

An urban beekeeper works in in Gainesville, Fla. Halifax Media photo

If the property is within county limits, the property would have to meet the standards for a bona fide farm in order for honeybees to be raised, according to Helen Bunch, zoning administrator for Brunswick County.

In Article 12 under “Definitions,” the Brunswick County Unified Development Ordinance defines a bona fide farm as:

A property or portion of property that is actively used for agriculture as defined in N.C.G.S. 106-581.1. Agriculture includes but is not limited to the production, harvesting, cultivation of crops, fruits, vegetables, ornamental/flowering plants, shrubs, and the operation, management, raising, care, and training of dairy, livestock, poultry, bees, horses, and aquaculture as well as any associated structure or building related to the agriculture operation. When performed on the bona fide farm, agriculture also includes the marketing and selling of agricultural products, agritourism, packing, treating, processing, sorting, storage and other activities performed to add value to agricultural items produced on the farm.

For purposes of determining whether a property is being used for bona fide farm purposes, any of the following shall constitute sufficient evidence that the property is being used for bona fide farm purposes:

(A) A copy of the property tax listing showing that the property is participating in the farm present-use-value taxation program established by N.C.G.S. 105-277.2 through 105-277.7; or

(B) A copy of the farm owner’s or operator’s Schedule F from the owner’s or operator’s federal income tax return; or

(C) A farm sales tax exemption certificate issued by the Department of Revenue; or

(D) A forest management plan; or

(E) A Farm Identification Number issued by the United States Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency.


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