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Why is there an ad for Parsley Elementary School running on TV?

Pressley Baird

Q. While watching the television recently, I saw a commercial for Parsley Elementary School. I only caught the tail-end of the commercial, and didn’t get the beef of it. Why is a New Hanover County public school running ads? How was it paid for?

A. Parsley Elementary School’s commercial was created several years ago as a public service announcement to be aired on the school’s station, said district spokeswoman Valita Quattlebaum. Former Superintendent Eddie West asked each principal to create public service announcements about their school.

The father of a former Parsley student “was affiliated with Fox,” Quattlebaum said, and that student asked her father to air the commercial as a public service announcement.

“He did, and it has been running ever since,” Quattlebaum said. “No school funds, other than the staff time to produce it, were expended.”


What is the history of the little school remains in front of Parsley School?

Why are there 2 crossing guards and a sheriff at Parsley Elementary and not one crossing guard at Myrtle Grove Middle School?

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Hans Edwards

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One Response to “ Why is there an ad for Parsley Elementary School running on TV?”

  1. On February 7, 2014 at 9:24 am betsy casey wrote:

    I can tell you why there are 2 crossing guards and a sheriff….the drivers coming through there don’t watch what they are doing and they will go around a bus with the signal out…My husband and I worked there and the kids crossing were the best in the world but the drivers going past were terrible…I had to stand in the middle of the road a lot of times to stop traffic for the bus to pick up kids…I complained to an office I knew out there and told him I needed a radar gun…He kiddingly told me to get a hair dryer and point it at cars and see if that helped…BY Jiggidy I would point that gun at trucks and cars coming by fast and they would slow down immediately….I hated to have to quit but the asst. sheriff told the folks at Parsley that they didn’t need 2 people there so my husband told him he was crazy if he thought i was going to try to stop all that traffic by myself …. we got into a little spat about that and my husband told him where he could go and we quit….it is a very dangerous spot….they decided later that we could both work there but we had moved to Pender County….loved the kids and school there. That asst. deputy isn’t there anymore either…

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