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Why doesn’t DOT add a sidewalk for students on Gordon Road while they are repaving?

Ken Little

Q. Why doesn’t the DOT add a sidewalk or extra pavement on Gordon Road while they are repaving so that the students that go to Eaton Elementary School can walk or ride their bicycles? We are constantly hearing about using alternative methods to get back to work and school and reduce fuel consumption and save our environment. The DOT and county should help promote this by adding safe routes around town when they are working on the roads.

A. The N.C. Department of Transportation plan in place was to widen the pavement on Gordon Road two feet on each side from the concrete island, just east of I-40, to where the curb and gutter section begins, just before Eaton Elementary School.

“That widening has been accomplished,” said Kerry Cross, NCDOT Division 3 resident engineer.

Added Jessi Booker, Division 3 deputy traffic engineer: “Typically, in order to incorporate pedestrian facilities, such as sidewalk, in a resurfacing contract, an additional funding source must be identified.”

Cross said that in most cases N.C. DOT only has “small quantities of sidewalk in resurfacing projects, which are only for removing and replacing any damaged existing sidewalk.”

Cross agreed with Booker’s comments “on a funding source being needed.”

“Also, sufficient right-of-way is often an issue on sections of roadway like Gordon Road,” Cross said.


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