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What is the attraction at Freeman Park? Why would someone pay to go there?

Zeinab Savage
StarNews file photo.

StarNews file photo.

Q. What is the attraction at Freeman Park? Why would someone pay so much to go into that park? What is it to do there?

A. Freeman Park is located at the north end of Carolina Beach. The town requires people to buy a permit if they are going to drive on the beach. It is $20 for a day and $100 for yearlong passes.

The cost pays the lifeguards, police officers and beach cleaners, according to town officials. There are trash bins and a few portable bathrooms that need to be cleaned.

But the beach is free; a purchased permit is required only when people want to drive on the beach. The car must be 4-wheel drive.

Besides being able to drive on the beach, other attractions of Freeman Park are camping and fishing. Campfires are permitted as long as they are contained. Camping is free but you need a fishing license to fish. As of early October, 24, 893 people had purchased beach passes this year.


Are there public showers at Carolina Beach’s Freeman Park? Can we dig a fire pit?

Why does Carolina Beach not replace Freeman Park passes if your pass is stolen?

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One Response to “ What is the attraction at Freeman Park? Why would someone pay to go there?”

  1. On October 7, 2013 at 2:13 pm heath wrote:

    I appreciate the reporter’s answer but i don’t feel it goes far enough. I am a big fan of Freeman Park. It’s a lot like other beaches, it’s got sand and surf, but it’s very different as well. I don’t know of many beaches that freedoms of Freeman park. If you’ve ever lugged your beach chair, cooler, umbrella, baby toys while trying to keep up with the baby, you’ll understand why it’s sooo nice just to pull that stuff out of the back of the truck. Also, i love delivery right on the beach, just in case you forget anything. And finally, just a campfire and camping while enjoying a can beer (no glass on the beach please) at sunset.