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What is the difference between New Hanover Regional Medical Center and Wilmington Health?

Mike Voorheis
StarNews file photo

The main tower of New Hanover Regional Medical Center. StarNews file photo.

Q. I’m new to area and confused about offered health care. What are the differences between New Hanover Health Care and Wilmington Health?  Thank you.

A. New Hanover Regional Medical Center is the largest hospital in the area. It includes the Zimmer Cancer Center and the Betty H. Cameron Women’s and Children’s Hospital. NHRMC also operates Cape Fear Hospital in Wilmington and Pender Memorial Hospital in Burgaw.

You can learn more about NHRMC here: http://www.nhrmc.org/aboutus

Wilmington Health is a multi-specialty clinic with primary care providers integrated into the system. Different locations from Jacksonville to Southport focus on different specialties. It is separate from NHRMC, but its doctors do tend to patients at NHRMC. Wilmington Health also operates Urgent Care facilities in Monkey Junction and Jacksonville.

You can learn more about Wilmington Health here: http://www.wilmingtonhealth.com/locations


Is the New Hanover Regional Medical Center a nonprofit, for-profit, government or quasi-government agency?

Why does NHRMC President Jack Barto make more than presidents of larger hospitals?

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