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What does the city plan to do with the utility building near St. Andrews Drive and Carolina Beach Road?

Julian March
Contributed photo.

Contributed photo.

Q. What does the City of Wilmington plan to do with the utility building near the intersection of Saint Andrews and Carolina Beach Road? It looks abandoned and a detraction to the area.

A.  The small building is actually a former pump station that belongs to the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority.

The CFPUA does have plans to remove the abandoned station, said Mike McGill, a spokesman.

“The work was originally intended to be completed this fiscal year, however the project was delayed due to budget reductions,” McGill wrote in an email. “We cannot say at this time if its removal is slated for next year’s budget.”

Additionally, it is not clear what would happen to the land in the future.

“Until site investigations are complete and demolition plans are developed, it is unknown what portions of the site will be encumbered with utilities that will remain in service and what portions of the site can be used for other purposes,” McGill said.


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