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Wasn’t Rocky Point one time called Holden after Gov. Holden?

Gail Calloway
Gov. William Holden

Gov. William Holden

We have not been able to find any connection between Rocky Point and Gov. William Holden.

A leader of the Republican party during Reconstruction, he was governor from 1865 until 1871. Holden was the second American governor to be impeached and the first to be removed from office.

He was a resident of Orange and Wake counties his entire life except for a brief time in Washington D.C. There seems to be no record of him in Pender County or any references to Rocky Point being called Holden after him.

“History of Pender County” by Mattie Bloodworth says Burgaw Township was called Holden after Gov. Holden, but we were unable to find any official record backing this up.

If anyone has more information about this, let us know in the Comments section below.


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