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Are there any full-service gas stations in Wilmington?

Amanda Lisk

The dearth of full-service stations is a special problem for the disabled. (File photo)

A. After a lengthy online search and numerous calls, there appears to be only one full service gas station left in Wilmington – the Exxon station at College Road and Wrightsville Avenue (1115 S. College Rd. ph: 910-791-7398).

When asked if customers of that Exxon station ever comment on how they appreciate the full service, manager Brendan Delacy said, “Oh yes, every day.”

“A lot of them are older females who don’t know how to pump gas and they need us to check under the hood, or it’s people who just get tired of pumping their own gas and every once in a while just want to treat themselves and have someone else do it,” he said.

The gas station at Oleander Drive and Independence Boulevard used to be a full service station, but that station is now a Starbucks.

EARLIER ANSWER: The question was asked and answered in 2011 by StarNews staffer Wayne Faulkner. Here is part of his answer:

In recent years, gasoline retailers nationwide have exited full-service in droves, but there are some exceptions. Both New Jersey and Oregon require full service. Pennsylvania keeps a list of full-service stations.

The dearth of full-service stations is a special problem for the disabled who cannot get out of their cars to pump gas or for whom the task is very difficult.

The Americans With Disabilities Act, however, requires self-service gas stations to provide equal access to their customers with disabilities. That is, with one caveat: A service station or convenience store is not required to provide such service any time that it is operating on a remote-control basis with a single employee, but it is encouraged to do so. For more details, go to http://www.ada.gov/gasserve.pdf

“The consumer pulls up to the station and doesn’t know when there is more than one employee. From your car, how do you know?” said Patrick Hughes, CEO of Inclusion Solutions, a company based in Evanston, Ill., that has developed a system to help the disabled with the problem.

Hughes described his product as “an over-sized alert system that protrudes from the island so that the driver can reach it from their vehicle without having to get out.”

“It’s a dignified approach to request” gasoline, he said.

“When you pull in, a FuelCall arrow guides you to the device and also posts the hours that full-service is available,” Hughes explained.

“Employees appreciate that clarity” of what they are required to do, and “the consumer knows the hours” the service is offered.


What is the average net profit per gallon of gasoline for gas stations in Wilmington?

Why do some gas stations change their prices numerous times a day?

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2 Responses to “ Are there any full-service gas stations in Wilmington?”

  1. On November 16, 2011 at 6:23 pm Billy wrote:

    Azalea Service Center (Citgo) located at 5039 Wrightsville Avenue is also a full service gas station.

  2. On February 3, 2012 at 4:23 am Shirley wrote:

    Oleander Exxon (corner of Independence) has bee closed for some time. Sorry to see them go!

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