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Who put the green plastic lawn chairs at bus stops on South 17th Street?

Julian March
These chairs may comfort bus riders, but they're not likely to stay long. Contributed photo.

These chairs may comfort bus riders, but they’re not likely to stay long. Contributed photo.

Q. A couple of weeks ago I posted a question regarding the demolition of the bus stop bench and light kiosk near John D Barry Drive on South 17th Street. Now over the weekend someone has placed two green plastic lawn chairs at that site and another pair at the bus stop nearer Halyburton Park. What good person has done this? I see people using these bus stops regularly and I bet they appreciate the effort. I wish I had thought of that gesture. I hope the City and Bus Company makes a note of the need for seating at bus stops.

A. Wave Transit did not put the plastic lawn chairs at the site, said Megan Matheny, Wave Transit’s director of planning and development.

“I am going to assume it’s one of our customers from the public,” Matheny said.

While whoever placed the chairs had good intentions, the chairs will likely not remain.

Matheny said the lawn chairs don’t meet the criteria needed to be placed in the right of way.

“If we were to install something, it would have to be compliant and lawn chairs just aren’t compliant,” she said. “We will be probably be instructed to move them because we don’t own the right of way and it’s not compliant.”

Wave still has plans to reinstall a shelter at the location in the future, but that will not happen right away. Wave has no shelters in stock and first needs to secure funding to buy more.


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One Response to “ Who put the green plastic lawn chairs at bus stops on South 17th Street?”

  1. On August 28, 2013 at 5:10 pm Kelley wrote:

    Has WAVE ever considered or looked into including advertisements in/on their shelters and having advertisers pay for these shelters to be purchased/constructed and/or installed?