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Will Harris Teeter eventually carry some of the Kroger house brands?

Wayne Faulkner

Q. Now that Harris Teeter has been sold to Kroger, will they eventually carry some of the Kroger house brands I used to buy when Kroger was here?

A. It’s too early in the merger process to speculate on what products will be carried in what stores, said Kroger spokeswoman Kari Armbruster.

Ohio-based Kroger Co. and Harris Teeter Supermarkets Inc., based in Matthews, announced a merger agreement July 9 under which Kroger will all shares of Harris Teeter for $49.38 per share, a deal valued at $2.44 billion.

The merger is not expected to be completed for months. Harris Teeter stockholders have sued to block the deal.

UPDATE: The merger was completed in January 2014. This story from the Charlotte Observer (nearby Matthews is home to the Harris Teeter chain) says that Kroger and Harris Teeter share many of the suppliers for their private label brands, and the merger may give them a pricing advantage. Whether the labels are different or not, many of the products are likely to be the same.


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What’s the timeline for the Harris Teeter in Carolina Beach? The signs have been up for 2 years.

What are they building in the parking lot next to Harris Teeter on South College Road?


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