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Is Dr. Stephen V. Chiavetta changing practices? Where is he going?

Mike Voorheis

According to a receptionist at Coastal Carolina Eye Clinic, Dr. Chiavetta left Coastal Carolina Eye Clinic on June 14. He has not established another practice in the Wilmington area.

Dr. Chiavetta, an ophthalmologist, said he is focusing on free-lance writing, and said he is excited about the career change.

Dr. Chiavetta said that any patients with questions about records or appointments should continue to call Coastal Carolina Eye Clinic at (910) 763-7316 or (910) 686-8509.


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One Response to “ Is Dr. Stephen V. Chiavetta changing practices? Where is he going?”

  1. On January 10, 2014 at 12:53 pm Chris wrote:

    I have been wondering where Dr. Chiavetta disappeared to. Seems a little strange that he suddenly up and left and is switching from working as an MD to become a free-lance writer… Is there something more to this?!