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Can a teacher require extra credit before students can earn an A?

Pressley Baird


Q. I heard a disturbing thing about Williston Junior High involving an AIG algebra teacher. He started the year off saying that each student started off with a “B” and that the only way to achieve an “A” was to complete extra credit. He said even if you score 100 on all exams and complete everything else required you would still only receive a B letter grade without performing extra credit. This seems highly irregular and I was wondering if this common or even allowed?

A. According to New Hanover County Schools policy, grading systems are left up to school administrators to develop. You can read a copy of the board’s policy on assessing student learning here: http://www.nhcs.net/policies/series7000/7400.pdf

That policy notes that teachers and administrators at each school are responsible for measuring student learning in terms of grades.

“The final grades in the class were based on the appropriate New Hanover County Schools grading scale,” said Valita Quattlebaum, spokeswoman for the district.


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