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If I’m renting a lot in a mobile home park and a tree falls on my mobile home, who is responsible for my damages?

Will Drabold

We put this question to two national insurance providers, and each said there are too many unknowns to provide a general answer.

“Unfortunately, there are too many variables in the situation you described for us to make any type of statement regarding who would be responsible,” said Anna Bryant, a State Farm Insurance spokeswoman. “ We recommend you reach out to a lawyer to determine what the letter writer may be able to do regarding the situation.”

These variables included varying insurance policies between renters and landlords, making it impossible for either company to offer its opinion on such a claim as they believe such a situation might turn into a legal fight.

“Nationwide is unable to engage in the practice of law or give legal advice,” said Nancy Smeltzer, a communication consultant with Nationwide Insurance. “In any event, so many variables can exist in any and every claim that it is impossible to attempt to form an opinion or conclusion without the existence of an actual claim and having all the facts of that claim.”

So it would appear that if a tree falls on your mobile home on a rented space, you should call your insurance agent and perhaps a lawyer.


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One Response to “ If I’m renting a lot in a mobile home park and a tree falls on my mobile home, who is responsible for my damages?”

  1. On November 4, 2013 at 9:26 am betckc wrote:

    If you are renting a home from someone and a tree falls on it I was told this…If there is a tree on the property that looks like it might fall or is dead you should contact the owner. If he does nothing to remove the tree or help it otherwise then if it falls during a storm or etc. he is responsible…be sure to get this notorized…If he does remove it then you have no problem….but it is your responsibility to keep him informed of dangers to home…learned this by experience Have a good day…this is good if the tree on his property falls on the next door neighbors house also