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How deep is the lake at Smith Creek Park?

Ashley Withers

Anna Fernandez, left, and Delmys Reyes walk along the path at Smith Creek Park on October 18, 2011. StarNews photo by Matt Born.

Q. How deep is the lake at the county park off Harris Road, off Gordon Road. I’ve heard from people anywhere from 5 feet to 200 feet?

A. The Smith Creek Park pond is about 15 feet deep, according to New Hanover County Parks Director Tara Duckworth.


What type of fish are in Smith Creek Park Lake? How far around the lake is it?

Are there alligators in the Smith Creek Park Pond?


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Jim Parker

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One Response to “ How deep is the lake at Smith Creek Park?”

  1. On June 20, 2013 at 7:33 pm nathan wrote:

    I fish there regularly with a depth finder and the middle of the main lake is around 25 feet deep. The back lake is 8-10 feet.