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Why won’t somebody do something about the bear in the Middle Sound area?

Ryan McGuire

Sometimes bears show up where they’re not supposed to be. A Florida couple photographed this bear at their swimming pool in Gainesville in May 2013. Halifax Media photo.

Q. How can a bear have been terrorizing neighborhoods off Middle Sound Loop Road with minimal press coverage, no warning (other than amongst residents and social media) to the general public in the area, and the county saying they can’t do anything other than send out animal control for calls (which takes too long – it is gone by the time they show up). Do we need a pet or child killed before the county takes this seriously?

A. Lt. B.C. Evers of the New Hanover Animal control is aware of the bear situation. Unfortunately the local animal control department does not have the resources to deal with such an animal. Doing so requires a permit and specific equipment needed to relocate the bear. He knows that people are worried and has alerted the N.C. Wildlife offices about the problem.

After talking to a representative of the N.C. Wildlife division who declined to give his name, a few details have come to light. Bears are commonplace around our area. The fact that one has been roaming a populated area suggests that it has found a food source in the area. Once a bear finds an easy food source, it is likely to return again and again.

This leads to the problem of getting rid of it. One problem is that a bear is like a cat or dog separated from its home. If it is relocated, it can easily find it’s way back. Another problem is the human factor. A bear is lazy and eats the easiest meal. We allow their meals to be very easy.

The N.C. Wildlife representative suggests speaking to the local food businesses about putting locks on the dumpsters or finding ways of making them bear-proof. Bears will give up if something is too difficult. Also, he suggests that locals wash out their trash cans with bleach every couple of weeks.

If you should happen to come across a bear, do take caution. A bear if very dangerous and is protective of its food. There is also the possibility that a mother may be protecting her cubs. Do not approach the bear or be aggressive towards it. The best course of action is to contact the New Hanover Animal Control at 798-6700. They will do what they can to help.

For more information, contact the N.C. Wildlife Division at 1-800-662-7137.


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2 Responses to “ Why won’t somebody do something about the bear in the Middle Sound area?”

  1. On May 17, 2013 at 12:31 pm Please bear with us wrote:

    Lived in Middle Sound over 35 years and have never seen a bear there although I have seen plenty of deer and foxes. Your house probably played a part in destroying the bear’s habitat. Live with it!

  2. On May 20, 2013 at 9:27 am K wrote:

    Where on the loop has this bear been seen?

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