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Why was a pipeline put in at Masonboro Yacht Club? And why are ICW channel markers missing?

Brandy Bryant

Q. Can you please explain to me why this new pipeline has been put in, cutting through the Masonboro Yacht Club? The pilings on the left side of the water, heading out towards the ICW have been removed or cut down. The signs for this pipeline are no help letting you know where exactly it is located. I also noticed a number of the channel markers in the ICW are missing. Last year there were quite a few buoys and channel markers whose lights were not working. Again, very dangerous when going at a high rate of speed down the ICW at night.

A. According to the manager of Masonboro Yacht Club, David Christopher, the pipeline has been removed.

“There was a pipeline but it was removed the weekend of April 20,” says Christopher. “It was marked with several buoys and signs stating its location and requesting that boaters call channel 66 for questions regarding its exact coordinates. The signs stated ‘Caution Submerged Pipeline.’”

As to the channel markers, if boaters notice missing signs, buoys or other navigation material on the Intracoastal Waterway, they should call the Coast Guard Command Center.

Petty Officer Sanders of the Coast Guard says all navigation material is vital and must be accounted for and reported when missing.

“Buoys, day beacons and signs that are missing must be reported to the Command Center. A report will then be written and we will issue to have the missing item replaced,” Sanders said. “Signs go missing when they are hit by boats or become illegible due to weathering.”

Sanders also advises all persons traveling the Intracoastal Waterway, regardless of the time of day, should maintain the appropriate speed based on the zones they are traveling through.

“Signs are posted in each zone advising boaters of no wake areas. If boaters are not familiar with the zone restrictions, maps are available through North Carolina Wildlife,” Sanders said.

To report a missing sign, call the Coast Guard Command Center at 343-3882. To request a zone map for the Intracoastal Waterway, call North Carolina Wildlife at 919-662-4381.


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