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Why didn’t the Carolina Beach renourishment project take sand from the boating channel in the inlet?

Bulldozers work on the Carolina Beach Storm Damage Reduction Project on May 22, 2013. StarNews photo By Matt Born.

Q. Why is the beach dredge at Carolina Beach pumping sand from between Masonboro Island and Carolina Beach and not working directly at the mouth of the inlet digging a new boating channel?

A. The dredging project has nothing to do with inlet maintenance; the current project is for storm damage reduction, or beach renourishment. During those types of projects, the Army Corps of Engineers only uses sand that matches the composition of what’s currently on the beach, hence the placement of the dredge and the pipeline.


StarNews: Beach nourishment project a month behind schedule

When will the sand at Wrightsville Beach be leveled off? There is a giant ridge there.

Why does the jetty at the south end of Wrightsville Beach have an offshore gap?

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