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Why do CFCC cosmetology students have to pay up front?

Pressley Baird

Q. I have a child attending CFCC (Cosmotogy Department). She has arranged for a student loan, which has been funded. Why does CFCC treat that program different than the others? Some students draw from student loans to pay for tuition payments. Why does the cosmetology program have to pay up front and then have to wait for two months to get a reimbursement check? Should they be able to draw like all the other students that go to CFCC?

A. CFCC spokesman David Hardin said the cosmetology department’s financial aid requirements come from the U.S. Department of Education. Since cosmetology requires classroom hours instead of credit hours, the Department of Education requires students to complete a certain number of classroom hours before another grant or loan payment can be made.


Is it legal for CFCC to hold student loan money, where is that money held and what happens to the interest?


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