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What’s the issue with the Laney school bus route? Kids are riding 3 to a seat.

Pressley Baird

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Q. What is the issue with the Laney school bus route in NH county?  The Laney-Middlesound school bus over the last several months has either been late (sometimes up to an hour) or has been substituted with a Noble school bus. Why hasn’t the school district notified parents (of both Noble and Laney students) of the ongoing problem?  I feel sure some parents of sixth graders would be surprised to learn their kids are riding three to a seat with high school students.

A. Sometimes, unforeseen events, like driver absences, inclement weather or mechanical issues, can affect schools’ bus transportation schedules, said Ken Nance, director of transportation for New Hanover County Schools. Three students may have to share a seat when that happens, and different schools may have to combine buses. The district reviews unforeseen events on a case-by-case basis. When permanent bus changes are made, the district will send a letter home to parents.


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2 Responses to “ What’s the issue with the Laney school bus route? Kids are riding 3 to a seat.”

  1. On May 25, 2013 at 8:37 am Brian B wrote:

    I call B.S. He did not answer the Question. So our school district has no plan B? and that’s OK. The reason the parent had to go to MYREPORTER is the district put her off and provided “stock” answers. What is Tim Markley’s (gets things done)response to this and is he or Mr Nance willing to ride or drive that bus for a few days?

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