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Is it legal not to say on the menu how much a restaurant’s meal costs?

Paul Stephen

Q. I ate at Brazilian BBQ last night. My complaint is that nowhere on a menu, poster, flyer or handout do they tell you how much the meal (they call it a continuous buffet) costs. Is this legal?

A. While we’re not certain which of Wilmington’s two Brazilian steakhouses the reader ate at, both the former Espetus (now dubbed RaGaB Brazilian & International Cuisine) and Gauchao Brazilian Steakhouse offer an all-inclusive buffet at a fixed price. RaGaB charges $19.95, and Gauchao is $29.95 for the full adult buffet, as both indicate on their websites.

As for the legality of pricing on the menus, Ricky Gibbs, an environmental health specialist with the New Hanover County Health Department, said that while they do oversee certain aspects of an eatery’s menu from a public health standpoint, they don’t have anything to do with pricing and that he was unaware of any other agency that might be responsible for that.


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