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How many auto accidents have occurred near Trader Joes since it opened?

Brian Freskos

Cars pass Trader Joe’s at College and Oleander on Nov. 28, 2012, just before it opened. StarNews photo by Matt Born.

Q. How many automobile accidents have occurred in the immediate vicinity of Trader Joes at Oleander Drive and South College Road since the November 2012 opening?

A. The Wilmington Police Department has logged 16 car crashes within a 50-foot radius of the Oleander Drive and South College Road intersection in the six months since Trader Joe’s opened, said city analyst Barry Coburn.

In the six months before Trader Joe’s opened, there were 11 crashes, Coburn said.

But that does not necessarily mean that traffic pattern changes caused by Trader Joe’s are to blame for the increase. The 50-foot radius covers an area of approximately 7,846 square feet, in a corridor with a heavy-concentration of businesses.


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