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Why is the Cape Fear/Southport/Oak Island area not mentioned in the StarNews fishing reports?

Dan Spears

Jeff Bardon dips his fishing pole into the Cape Fear River near the Wilmington Convention Center in January 2013. StarNews photo by Jeff Janowski.

We’ve had fishing reports from many different folks over the years, and our lineup always seems to change with the tides.

Capt. Marc Maus coordinates our fishing coverage with local bait shops, charter-boat captains and others who embrace fishing in Southeastern North Carolina. At times, however, people leave our area, they close their business, or no longer have the time to help with our weekly fishing report. When that happens, we reach out to others in the same area to fill those gaps. Sometimes we can, sometimes we can’t.

That said, if you ever feel an area is missing from our report – and you know a reputable outfit or person that would be willing to help – we’re always willing to listen. Feel free to email me at Dan.Spears@StarNewsOnline.com, and I can get you and Capt. Marc in touch with each other.

Dan Spears is sports editor at StarNews Media.


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