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Why are there no traffic signs in the Kirkwood subdivision off Carolina Beach Road?

Julian March

Q. Why are there no traffic signs in the Kirkwood subdivision off Carolina Beach Road? There is one sign as you enter that says slow children at play but no stop signs or yield signs on any roads.

A. It’s complicated.

Kirkwood does have stop signs, said Jerry Barnes, the association manager for Community Solution Southeast, Kirkwood’s management company.

If there is a need to replace any signs, Barnes said residents can contact the management company directly.

Barnes said it is possible the questioner is actually referring to the Arrondale neighborhood, which fronts Carolina Beach Road and is directly in front of Kirkwood.

Sam Burgess, a senior New Hanover County planner, said the Arrondale development is separate from the Kirkwood development.

Work on Arrondale started around 1996 and 1997, he said. At the time, the developer committed to erecting traffic signs. Burgess said he could not say if the signs were ever installed. It is possible the signs were never installed, but it is also possible they were, but they fell victim to a hurricane or vandalism.

Burgess noted that the county is not responsible for road maintenance. He suggested contacting the N.C. Department of Transportation about the matter.

Anthony Law, the DOT’s district engineer for New Hanover County, said there are some roads in the Arrondale/Kirkwood neighborhoods that are not maintained by the state.

While some of those roads may be recorded as public roads, they will not be added to the state maintenance system unless they meet certain guidelines, Law said.

If the streets are not maintained by the state, traffic signs would be the responsibility of the development. If, indeed, the neighborhood is responsible for the signs, Burgess said they can contact a local sign company to perform the work.

If you are interesting in pursuing having the roads added to the state system, you can contact the DOT’s district office for New Hanover and Brunswick Counties at 910-251-2655.


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