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Is the Cheesy Banker food truck still operating around Wilmington?

Si Cantwell

Ashley Foster receives a triple cheese taster from the Cheesy Banker Food Truck during Wilmington’s first Truck-a-roo Food Truck extravaganza in November 2012. StarNews photo Jeff Janowski.

Alas, the Cheesy Banker has closed the teller’s window for good.

“We sold the business in February to a restaurant in Virginia,” said Carter McKaughan. “They had seen an article in a magazine about our truck.”

McKaughan was a banker for 27 years before retiring and entering the food truck business. It’s not an easy business.

“That’s hard work,” he said. “I’ve learned my lesson.”


Are food trucks allowed in New Hanover County?

What are the health regulations that apply to a food cart?


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