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Do the city of Wilmington and New Hanover County have energy managers?

Cecil Hester

Q. Do the city of Wilmington and New Hanover county have energy managers? With all of the outlying buildings in the city and county, it seems like an energy manager could produce huge savings for each entity. Those savings would pay for the position plus more. Even though it’s a larger city by 5x, Albuquerque, NM, has a team of 9 on it’s energy council.

A. According to Malissa Talbert, communications manager for the city of Wilmington, the city had a two-year grant funded position through the U.S. Department of Energy. The primary duty was creating a Local Energy Assurance Plan for the city, which occurred from 2010-2012. This year, the city continued to build upon that foundation with a new Sustainability Project Manager position, which is focused on increasing citizen recycling and energy efficiency of city facilities. The city has already realized significant savings through its initial conservation efforts.

New Hanover County’s public information officer, Charles Smith, said the county does not have an energy manager, but it does have a part-time energy technician. The energy technician works under the Property Management department, whose main task is managing the countywide energy management program. And there have been several steps implemented to reduce energy consumption while maintaining energy efficiency. This includes the installation of building automation systems, modernization projects, participation in Progress Energy’s Incentives program, and a focus group.

New Hanover county has received rebates from Progress Energy for the reduction of energy consumption and their internal energy management program. Recently, New Hanover ‘s judicial building received national recognition by being listed among the top 10 energy efficient courthouses in the U.S. by the National Association of Counties.


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