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What years did the Goat Man come through Wilmington?

Si Cantwell

Q. What years did The Goat Man come through Wilmington?? Story, pictures?

A. Scott Nunn briefly wrote about The Goat Man in his Back Then column for April 14, 2010.

Here’s what Scott wrote:

Thanks to the folks who sent in info on the “goat man.” Sure enough, he existed. This is what the entry in Wikipedia says about him: Charles “Ches” McCartney, also known as the Goat Man, was a widely seen itinerant wanderer who traveled up and down the eastern United States from 1930 to 1968 in a ramshackle wagon pulled by a team of goats.” He’s also thought to have influenced writer and fellow Georgian Flannery O’Connor.

Scott said he was unable to find any more information about his visits to Wilmington.

You can read the Wikipedia entry here. (NOTE: StarNews editors do not recognize Wikipedia as an acceptable or entirely reliable source. Nonetheless, StarNews staffers are as hooked on the site as anyone else.)

We were also able to find a webpage devoted to McCartney at TheGoatMan.com. You can find a little more information about him, and some pictures.

McCartney is apparently unrelated to Goatman, a guy who dresses up in a goat suit and hangs out with goats in Utah. The Los Angeles Times explored the topic here.

Do any readers have any more information or memories about “the real” Goat Man, Ches McCartney? If so, please let us know in the Comments below.


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