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What are the planes constantly circling the Monkey Junction area at night, spraying something?

John Peaspanen


Q. What are the planes that are constantly circling back and forth over the Monkey Junction area at night? They usually have red and white flashing lights on them. This happens pretty often, and I have been watching them for years now do this over my house (I have video!) By the light of the moon sometimes (they also start it at sunset as well) you can really tell they are spraying something. They make these long lines of clouds that stay there for a very long time. It can be 3 or 4 planes at a time just going back and forth. Military exercise or not I think the people should at least be allowed to know what it is that they are spraying or releasing into the air, as it is certainly being let out A WHOLE LOT!!!

A. MyReporter was unable to get a definitive answer. The question is still up in the air.

Wilmington International Airport Director of Operations Gary Broughton said a flight circling over Monkey Junction waiting to land is “possible,” but he had no specifics on any airplane doing so recently.

Contrails or vapor trails are a common occurrence. Water vapor in the exhaust of jet engines or changes in air pressure create the cloud-like trails of suspended liquid droplets or ice crystals.

Chemtrails are more controversial, with theorists claiming that chemical or biological agents are being distributed into the atmosphere by aircraft. Despite thousands of public complaints, the scientific community has declared the idea to be fantasy, saying the alleged chemtrails are merely normal contrails.

With no evidence found in this world, we checked with the Mutual U.F.O. Network (MUFON) of North Carolina. MUFON Public Relations Director Israel Curiel gave his input.

“I haven’t seen one (report) from Wilmington in the last month, but yes, the red and white orbs are common occurrences,” he said. “The most amazing sightings say the lights seem to hover in or around tree tops.”

As for chemtrails, Curiel said, “There are very few sightings reporting fumes. I think the people that are worried about chemtrails are reaching. I know chemtrails are often linked to UFOs, but I do not agree. I think that if there are truly visitors from another star system visiting our planet, then they would use technology far more advanced than dropping chemicals into the atmosphere.”


Chemtrail Central

Wikipedia: Chemtrail conspiracy theory

Lately, there seems to be more and more jet fuel trails visible. Are we under the I-95 of the airline industry?


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One Response to “ What are the planes constantly circling the Monkey Junction area at night, spraying something?”

  1. On November 18, 2016 at 10:05 pm Shelly West wrote:

    I had a much closer experience with the light I saw last night, November 17, 2016. Right at sundown I was in the woods and I saw a big white light. It was stationary and very close. From that distance it was bigger the a basketball ball but shape more football like. It was right above the tree line. (I just started reading other people’s sighting stories and so far I haven’t heard anyone having been as close to the the stationary bright white lights, an I was.) I stared at it for a few minutes. I like to goof around, so I took my flashlight and flashed it directly at the light. I moved my light back and for and hollered Come over here where and talk to me! Well it pretty much ignored me lol. Then I started looking all around at the rest of the sky. Steven, I noticed other stationary white lights about the size you saw, in all directions. At first I thought they were something different than my light but later I realized they were just like the one right in front of me but further away so appearing smaller. I also noticed airplane like objects with red blinking lights. They were much lower than planes fly. No sound came from these flying ones. Several flew directly over me, not real fast but faster than a normal airplane. They also kinda zigzaged slightly as they flew, kinda jerky looking movements. They seem to be going to and from my white light.
    Another thing I noticed is that the star constellation was awfully cluttered. I felt as if there were more stars and in the wrong order. They were so bright and very visible then right after another red blinky flying object passed right over me again, instantly there was what looked like almost transparent clouds, making the star not as bright. These “clouds” didn’t blow away but more like dissipated. The stars were extremely bright once more. So I watched another red blinky fly over me and again cloud like then dissipation. This happened every time they went by. Plus they returned to my white light on the same path they had left in. I would compare it to crop dusting. I stood looking up at the sky for hours, observing. I was the only one who stayed outside for hours just fascinated. When I did go inside, I felt fine but I was seeing what looked like rays of different colored lights streaking very fast all around me. No one else could see them. Also I couldn’t get my eyes to focus on anything up close. I couldn’t see good enough to read anything on my cell phone. I looked the the mirror at my eyes but I couldn’t focus enough to see my eyes. That scared me. I flushed em with water, no help. But I was sleepy and went to bed. This morning my eyes were still just as bad so for hours I flooded my eyes with eye drops. I finally got what ever they were crop dusting, out of my eyes. And my vision returned to normal. That’s my story!
    Shelly West, Orange, Tx, 409-221-1635. If anyone wants to talk about it can text me.

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