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Is Surfs Bar and Grille closed, and what about the gift card I purchased there?

John Peaspanen

This sign was up at Surfs Bar and Grille on Feb. 8. As of March 26, the restaurant was still closed. StarNews photo by Si Cantwell.

Q. I purchased a gift certificate for my father from Surfs Bar and Grille the week before Christmas. Shortly thereafter, they closed for renovations. It appears that there is no renovations being done and no on answers the phone, nor is there an answering machine for the number. Do you know if they have closed and if so, how do I go about getting a refund for the gift certificate?

A. The bad news is Surfs appears to be sunk. The good news is you might still be able to get your money back.

A sign on the door of Surfs Bar and Grille, 5500 Market Street North, reads, “Surfs will be closed for renovations. We’ll be back.”

However, that promised return does not appear that to be happening. The restaurant’s phone number has been disconnected. And the company Web site, www.surfsbarandgrille.com, is no longer operational. It appears the online domain has been purchased by an Asian entity.

So where does that leave your gift card to nowhere? It is not necessarily money lost, reports Noelle Talley, public information officer for the N.C. Department of Justice.

“If they purchased the gift card by credit card, we would recommend that they contact their credit card company, to see if they can get a charge back,” said Talley. “In some cases, another business that takes over for a business that closes will choose to honor the previous business’ gift cards, so it is worth checking on that as well.”

Talley added, “We generally recommend that people redeem gift cards quickly rather than waiting, to protect themselves from the possibility of the business shutting its doors.”


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