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Why is Kenwood Avenue where 24th Street should be?

Ken Little

Q. I know where 23rd Street is and I know where 25th Street is. Why is Kenwood Avenue where 24th Street should be?

A. City of Wilmington staff was not able to find a definitive answer to the question, but uncovered some interesting information about the streets in question from reviewing old county maps.

The name Kenwood Avenue appears on a 1919, recorded map for the section between Market Street and “Princess Street Road” and was recorded as such in May 1919.

The section north of Princess Place Drive was recorded as Kenwood in 1946. A map from July 1925 shows 25th and 26th streets as Williams Street and Klein Street, respectively.

The 1945 Becton map shows the street names as Williams and Klein. In 1954, in the Belvedere subdivision, Williams Street is recorded as 25th Street.

There is no mention of a 24th Street.

“Although the maps provide a historical timeline, they don’t provide a rationale,” said Malissa Talbert, city communications manager.

Perhaps readers can shed a little more light on how Kenwood Avenue (as opposed to 24th Street) came to be. If you have any insights, let us know in the Comments section below.


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