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Why did they skip parts of Market Street when repaving it?

Ken Little

Q. Why did they skip parts of Market Street when repaving it and why did they have to go back and dig up and repave where there are manhole covers and other round metal openings for water and sewer? Also, they left a couple of unpaved corners in front of Nissan and other places.

A. Weather conditions delayed the Market Street resurfacing in the fall, but the contractor will continue the project when spring arrives, said Kerry T. Cross, N.C. Department of Transportation Division 3 resident engineer.

Cross said that resurfacing will continue “from close to the Nissan Dealership to just north of MLK Parkway at that time.”

Those radiuses at the service road around the Nissan Dealership and ABC Store will be completed at that time, Cross said.

A construction project for the widening of Kerr Avenue will begin in 2014, Cross said.

“The section of Market Street from Barclay Hills Drive to Lullwater Drive was only patched due to that upcoming project also encompassing this section of Market Street,” he said. “Those patches were rather long because the pavement there was in pretty bad shape.”

The stretch of Market Street “is also primarily the section where we allowed the contractor to patch around the utility and manhole castings. This was allowed due to the upcoming project which will continue the work along Market on each side of Kerr Avenue,” Cross said.


When they recently repaved Market Street, why did they not repave sections around Cinema Drive?

Are there any plans to repave Kerr Avenue between Market Street and MLK Boulevard?

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