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Who can we contact to help remove debris and repair a drainage ditch located on an easement in our neighborhood?

Ryan McGuire

Q. Our neighborhood has an easement behind our homes that contains a drainage ditch. The ditch isn’t included in our property and is clogged due to being filled with yard debris and trash. Who can we contact to help remove the debris and repair the ditch so that it more effectively drains run off?


A. In Wilmington, it is easy for the many drains to become clogged due to build up of debris. The storm water services maintenance division works to keep the complex system of storm drains, pipes, ditches, creeks and culverts clear when necessary. The division’s phone number is 341-4646.

For any other storm water or draining maintenance questions, contact the Public Services Department of Wilmington located at 209 Coleman Drive or call 343-4777.



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