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What happened to Marcy Cuevas of WWAY NewsChannel 3?

Ken Little

Marcy Cuevas. Courtesy of www.wwaytv3.com.

Marcy Cuevas’ last night on the air was Sept. 30, 2012. Cuevas, in postings on the WWAY NewsChannel 3 website, said she will enjoy spending more time with her children and family.

During a 13-year career at WWAY that began just a few days before Hurricane Floyd slammed into the region, Cuevas wore many hats — starting as a part-time editor. She moved up the ladder to producing, reporting and most recently, as anchor of the Good Morning Carolina show.

Cuevas was born in San Pedro, Calif., but moved to Newton Grove, N.C. in 1989. She graduated from East Carolina University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication, with a concentration in media performance.

Cuevas and her husband became the parents of twin boys in September. They have three children.

Marcy started at WWAY in August 1999. As she put it on the TV station website, “it’s the only job she’s ever known.”

Colleagues and fans alike were sorry to see her go:

“She became one of our rare, young ‘old-timers.’ She started working here back in 1999, and has done just about every job we have — reporter, producer, anchor, photographer, editor, therapist, the list goes on and on,” a colleague wrote.

“Not only is she a solid anchor, she’s a great story-teller. Honestly, one of the best we’ve ever seen. She would get her story assignment in the morning, and you never heard back from her, because she’s getting it done and doing it well,” the colleague wrote. “Marcy will be greatly missed both by her coworkers and her viewers. That happens after so many years of coming into people’s living rooms and being part of their daily routine.”

Cuevas wrote a thank-you note to those who posted online comments about her departure from WWAY.

“Thank you for such kind words. It makes it really hard to leave. This has been an amazing journey here at WWAY, one I will never forget.”


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