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How can you dispose of small propane bottles?

Ryan McGuire

Q. How can you dispose of the small propane bottles used on portable stoves, heaters and lights? Please answer for Brunswick, Pender, Columbus and New Hanover counties. I called waste management then a fire station and finally the landfill. Tired of the run around!

A. Recycling those old canisters is the best option according to an employee at the New Hanover County landfill. Throwing them away can be dangerous. If a tank is not completely empty, is punctured or crushed, can cause a harmful explosion.

In New Hanover county, the landfill will not accept them unless the valves have been removed. JT Lee and Sons, however, located at 1760 Carolina Beach Road in Wilmington, will accept them as is, with a $5 disposal fee.

Brunswick County landfill has a container to accept them in full, located at 170 Landfill Road NE in Bolivia.

Pender County now has three convenience sites where they can be recycled. One is at the intersection of Cheshire Road and N.C. 210 in Rocky Point. Another is at 3150 New Savannah Road in Burgaw. The third site is located in Hampstead at 1785 US 17 N.

Unfortunately we could not find a location in Columbus county where the propane canisters can be recycled without being de-valved.

Please note that each county will only accept waste accumulated within their own borders.


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