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How can I find out why state troopers stopped a car Sunday on River Road?

Brian Freskos

Q. I saw four or five State Patrol cars that had pulled a little red car on River Road on Sunday morning and was wondering what that was all about.

A. Without more information about the timing and location of the traffic stop, it is nearly impossible for the N.C. Highway Patrol to answer this question.

Sgt. E.C. Harris said troopers do not call in every stop to the dispatch center because they conduct so many of them. Harris said he needs more information to track down why this red car was pulled over on River Road.

“In a week, it’s very possible for troopers to stop 100 cars,” Harris. “It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.”

If you are curious about a traffic stop and have more details about its timing and location, you can call the law enforcement agency that conducted it. In this case, the highway patrol office in Wilmington can be reached at 395-3917.


How can I get the police to patrol my neighborhood more? I’m tired of cars speeding through it.

Can police cruise private parking lots to ticket cars with expired tags or fire lane infractions?

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