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Do Wilmington police officers ever write speeding tickets to bus drivers?

Brian Freskos

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Q. It is obvious to me that city buses drive over the speed limit. Do Wilmington police officers ever write tickets to the bus drivers?

A. Here is what Chris Greenman of WAVE Transit said in response to this question:

“City buses are not exempt from following the posted speed limit. Wilmington police are not discouraged from writing speeding tickets for Wave bus operators. My history goes back 18 months. During that time no bus operators have received a speeding ticket while operating a Wave owned vehicle. There is a common misconception that when a heavy and relatively loud vehicle goes by that it is speeding when in fact, it is not.

“Wave maintains a strict safety policy. One of many articles in the policy addresses operating vehicles at prescribed speeds and as safely as possible, given the driving conditions. As with all commercial drivers, every bus operator is required to report any moving violations in any vehicle outside of the employer’s fleet to their employer upon conviction. Every WAVE bus operator is also required to report any instance where they have been pulled over by authorities while operating WAVE owned vehicles.”


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One Response to “ Do Wilmington police officers ever write speeding tickets to bus drivers?”

  1. On February 13, 2013 at 2:37 am Rauri wrote:

    I’ve never seen a bus, taxi, tow truck, UPS/Fed-Ex truck pulled over. Ever. Must be a secret code or something.