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Why are there no street lights on MLK Parkway? And on 41st Street between Shipyard and College?

Ken Little

Q. Why are there no street lights on the Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway? And why are there no street lights on 41st Street between Shipyard Boulevard and South College Road?

A1. There are no underground or overhead power circuits along the Martin Luther King Parkway to provide power for street lighting, city Traffic Engineer Donald Bennett said.

“We are investigating Hollytree between Shipyard and College,” he said, speaking of 41st Street in the reader’s inquiry.

“The roadway existed before my arrival and before the arrival of the person who currently manages the street lighting program. I am not sure we have records that go back that far regarding decisions made on lighting installation when that section of Hollytree was constructed, or when the adjacent condominiums and houses were constructed,” Bennett said.


Who pays the electric bill for the street lights in Wilmington?

Is Wilmington planning to install street lights on major roadways in the near future?

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Donald T. Kutz

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