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Where is the city’s recycling sorted and what does it cost?

Julian March

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Q. The City of Wilmington recycle carts are great. Who and where does the separating of the different items occur, and what does it cost the city?

A. The city’s recycling is taken to Recycle American, a division of Waste Management located on River Road, according to Dylan Lee, a city spokesman. From there, the recycling is loaded onto a tractor trailer and sent to one of their North Carolina processing centers, where it is separated and sold, Lee said.

The recycling costs the city $20 per ton, which is a savings compared to the $59 per ton it costs to dump trash at the New Hanover County landfill.


Do New Hanover County or the city of Wilmington require you to recycle?

The city first said recycling customers will get a blue cart, but now you have to sign up. Did they run out?

What is the total cost to taxpayers of New Hanover County’s recycling program?

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