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Are there any plans for repaving Covil Avenue between Market Street and Randall Parkway?

Ken Little

Covil Avenue repaving was not included in a five-year work plan because the N.C. Department of Transportation had planned to extend Independence Boulevard from Randall Parkway through to the MLK Parkway, city spokesman Dylan Lee said.

That project would include widening and resurfacing what is now Covil Avenue.

“However, the DOT has delayed the Independence Boulevard extension until sometime after 2020. Because of this, the city now plans to pave Covil Avenue within the next three years,” Lee said.

There is a map on NCDOT’s website that has “a great deal of information on the project,” according to Patrick Riddle, Division 3 project manager.

The website address is www.ncdot.gov/projects/IndependenceBlvd.


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