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Who provides recycling pickup in the county?

John Peaspanen


It varies and depends on where you live within the county.

According to Joe Suleyman, director of the New Hanover County Department of Environmental Management, a resident’s location will determine if they receive pick-up or if they have to haul their recyclable items to a drop-off site.

“Residential curbside collection of recyclables is handled by the homeowner’s chosen waste hauling company on a subscription basis in the unincorporated areas of the County,” said Suleyman. “If a resident chooses to use one of the seven recycling drop-off sites in the County, those sites are serviced by New Hanover County’s Environmental Management Department.”

For more information on hours and locations of drop-off sites, as well as advice on how to properly dispose of various household items for recycling, go to the NHC Department of Environmental Management Web site at www.nhcgov.com/Environmental/Pages/default.aspx.


Why does recycling service cost extra and is not included with trash service in New Hanover County?

Who is responsible for the area around the recycling center near Blair Elementary School?

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