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Do New Hanover County or the city of Wilmington require you to recycle?

Julian March


Q. Do New Hanover County or the city of Wilmington require you to recycle if you use the local waste haulers such as Waste Management?

A. Recycling is not mandatory within New Hanover County, said Joe Suleyman, the county’s environmental management director. Though he added that the state bans certain materials from being placed in landfills, including aluminum cans, plastic bottles, yard waste, used oil, lead-acid batteries and appliances that contain Freon.

Suleyman said local haulers may refuse to take a resident’s trash if it is obvious their container is full of prohibited materials. Haulers may be fined for dumping the materials in the landfill, or the load could be rejected.

Within the city of Wilmington, residential recycling is voluntary, said Richard King, the public services director

Residential customers in the city are required to get trash/recycling service through the city unless private haulers offer services the city doesn’t, King said. For example, Landfall uses private haulers who offer backdoor service, meaning they walk to the back of the houses to retrieve the trash. Some large apartment complexes also opt to use private haulers who offer dumpster service, which the city does not offer.


The city first said recycling customers will get a blue cart, but now you have to sign up. Did they run out?

Why does recycling service cost extra and is not included with trash service in New Hanover County?

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