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When will road work finish in Silva Terra and Arrowhead?

Ken Little

Q. There has been a lot of resurfacing of the roads in the Silva Terra and Arrowhead subdivisions and I am curious as to when they will be through. There are loose rocks on top of the road, plus when you drive on it you can hear all the rocks hitting under your car and tires. It also looks like a dust storm is following your car as you drive. Is this a new process and could all of these rocks and tar damage my car?

A. The N.C. Department of Transportation recently performed a “pavement preservation project” in the Silver Lake area, said Gerard M. Taylor, N.C. DOT New Hanover County maintenance engineer.

The work included making pavement repairs to the existing pavement and the removal of sand materials, Taylor said.

“Then a bituminous surface treatment was placed. The treatment itself has been used for decades throughout the state and annually (N.C. DOT) places approximately 3,000 miles per year,” he said. “This type of treatment has proven itself in extending the life of the asphalt pavements.”

Taylor said the process involves applying asphalt, followed by a small light weight stone, which is then rolled.

“The final process after the curing is a loose stone removal process consisting of vacuuming the roadway. Generally the vacuuming is completed three to four weeks after the stone placement,” Taylor said.

N.C. DOT “will review the area within the next week and schedule vacuuming of loose stone as necessary,” Taylor said Monday.

As to potential of damage to a vehicle, the N.C. DOT “has shifted to light-weight stone, consequently this has diminished damage claims to a point of non-existence,” Taylor said.

For further questions about roadway issues, the New Hanover County N.C. DOT maintenance office can be contacted at (910) 341-0500.

By doing so, “generally a more efficient response time is provided,” Taylor said.


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