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What are the rules regarding game hunting in residential areas in Pender County?

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Officers from the NC Wildlife Resources Commission says hunting in residential areas  does not violate state law, but there are some local laws that restrict where and how you can hunt. For example, a Pender County law indicates that a firearm may not be discharged within 200 yards of a dwelling or home.

“As far as hunting in a residential area, one thing you’d have to keep in mind — your neighborhood may have restrictive covenants,”said Officer Doug Jones, f the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission’s Division of Law Enforcement.

“It wouldn’t be a violation of state or county law to hunt inside of a residential area, unless you’re discharging a firearm within 200 yards, which is a Pender County law, which the Sheriff’s department would primarily enforce,” Jones said.

He added that since neighborhoods may have restricted covenants, he advises that anyone who wishes to hunt in a neighborhood should “check in and get permission” from the head of the homeowners association of that neighborhood.

“Though it’s not a violation of state law to do so, I would say the majority of neighborhoods probably would not want any kind of firearm hunting,” Jones said.  However, in some cases, hunting with bow and arrow is allowed in some residential areas, often to curb an increasing influx of deer population.

Each town or city may also address hunting or the discharge of firearms inside of its city or town ordinance. For example, Burgaw Police Chief Bill King said bow hunting is allowed within certain areas of the Burgaw city limits.  Special permits are given to individuals who apply and qualify to hunt on specific areas on some of Burgaw’s “rural property.”

Jones gave another example of town rules limiting hunting.  He said people who want to duck hunt in the marsh of Topsail Beach run into restrictions that halt their hunting plans. “City of Topsail Beach has an ordinance that says you cannot discharge a firearm inside the city limits,” which, he said, effectively prohibits duck hunting in the marsh around Topsail Beach.

For more info on hunting laws and regulations you can visit www.ncwildlife.org.


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