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Why are the benches on Third Street being installed backwards?

Ken Little

Is this bench at Third and Chestnut facing the wrong way? Depends on how you look at it. Photo by Si Cantwell.

Q. The new work on Third Street is looking good with one exception. All the benches are being installed backwards. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would prefer to face the road and watch traffic go by than to face the side of a building. You wouldn’t sit facing your house on your front porch, you would face the road. Why were they built that way?

A. “The direction the bench faces depends on where it is located,” city spokesman Dylan Lee said.

“In this case, the benches that face away from the road are located in a small plaza that extends out into the parking lane. They face the sidewalk so people can access them without walking through a landscaped bed,” Lee said.

Similar bench placement “is common for streets such as North Third Street that have high traffic volumes,” Lee said.

“When benches are placed along the back of sidewalk, away from the road, they face the sidewalk and the road,” Lee said.


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